York - 70ft

York - 70ft

York - 70ft
York - 70ft


Present Location York
Length in feet 70
Type Outer Race
Power Electric
Gauge 4ft 8 1/2in
Operating Yes
Owner Network Rail
Notes Originally at Cleethorpes. Then to Ferme Park. Occasionally used for HST power car turning until late 1990s. Moved to York 2012. Installed at Holgate sidings to replace the old Engineers' Triangle. Officially opened 16 January 2013. Photo below shows it at Ferme Park.
Photo date 16/01/2013
Photo by Robert Pritchard
Date Record Last Updated 08/05/2014

Shown at Ferme Park 28/02/2009 Steve Ford
Shown at Ferme Park 28/02/2009 Steve Ford



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